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CDCS Webinar Week: Bank Payment Obligations (BPO)- Webinar, 2 pm, 8/27/2014

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CDCS Webinar Series

Bank Payment Obligations (BPO)

BAFT’s new learning series will help you to stay up-to-date on trends with in Trade and International Banking right from the comfort of your own office. Our speakers are subject matter experts that know the ins and outs of Trade transaction banking.

Webinar Date Wednesday, August 27, 2014
2:00 – 3:00pm ET
Registration Fees $125 BAFT Member $175 Non-Member
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Our speaker will discuss:

  • What is BPO
  • BPO Process Flows
  • Seller mitigates the risk of non-payment or payment delay
  • Buyer mitigates the supplier default risk
  • Supplier mitigates liquidity risk
  • Trends in Growth
  • Discussion Forum

Speaker: Jim Wills, Sr. Business Manager and Market/Standards Representative for North America from SWIFT

Who should attend?

  • Trade Operations
  • Trade Sales
  • Trade Finance Professionals
  • Relationship Managers

Earn your PDUs

BAFT is committed to offering educational opportunities that are professional, topical and current. Stay on top of your recertification with new topics being offered on a regular basis. This webinar is approved for 1 CDCS professional development unit.

Registration Process

To register for the CDCS webinar, simply log into your BAFT account, or create one now. After you have successfully logged in, purchase this item from your shopping cart. Within one business day of making your purcahse, you will be sent an email with your Webex login details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register once and have more than one person watch the webinar in a conference room?
Yes, all registrations are considered “site” registrations. You will be given one access code, which can be used at one location. If you have people registering from more than one location, they will need to acquire an additional login.

The only exception to this is individuals who are claiming PDUs for CDCS. Each CDCS holder must register individually so that their attendance is tracked.

How do I claim PDUs if I am in a conference with others?
Please inform Lynette Bertelmann in advance that you will be claiming PDUs for attending. Lynette will ensure that your information is then put in the system properly.

What happens after I pay for my registration? Where do I go for the webinar?
After payment is received, your name will be put into the registration list for the relevant webinar. You will receive an email shortly thereafter reminding you of the webinar date and informing you of how to join the webinar.

Is there a group discount?
As laid out in the earlier questions, each registration is a site registration. Candidates who wish to receive CDCS PDUs will need to have an individual registration. If you have more than one person from your team registering for CDCS PDUs, please contact Lynette Bertelmann to discuss a group discount.

Example: Susan from AB Bank registers for the Standby Letters of Credit webinar. She has 5 members of her team who wish to receive CDCS PDUs, but she also has 10 team members from her Sales and Compliance groups who want to watch the webinar. Susan will need to have 5 registrations for each of her CDCS holders, but she can use one of those to host all of the Compliance and Sales people in a single conference room.
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