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BAFT Releases Year-End Report

by User Not Found | Sep 23, 2014
This week, BAFT released its annual review for 2014. The full contents of the document can be found <a href="/docs/default-source/marketing-documents/2014-baft-annual-review.pdf?sfvrsn=2">here</a>
This week, BAFT released its annual review which details a variety of the successes that the association has achieved throughout the 2014 fiscal year.

Highlights of the document include: advances in advocacy around the implementation of Basel III, financial crime initiatives focused on AML/KC and de-risking, the release of the new Master Trade Loan Agreement, the hiring of a new Director of Education and Training, a recap of conferences held across the globe in 2014, and a review of the 40 newest members of BAFT.

The document is freely downloadable from the BAFT website here.

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