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Certified Documentary Credit Specialist (CDCS®) is the professional certification that enables documentary credit practitioners to demonstrate specialist knowledge and application of the skills required for competent practice. Learn more here.

Please note that applicants who are based in North America should apply via the "North American Applicants" link. Applicants who are based outside of North America should use the "All Other Applicants" button.

North American applicants are required to create a BAFT-IFSA account and log in before adding the 2014 CDCS exam to their shopping cart. If you run into any problems, please contact for support.

About the Examination

Candidates prepare for the CDCS® examination through independent study, using online study text produced by BAFT and The London Institute of Banking & Finance. All questions will be related to the study text. When you register, you will receive an email with a link to the following:

  • The Guide to Documentary Credits. Developed by BAFT, The London Institute of Banking & Finance and industry representatives, it provides the main body of knowledge required for the examination. The study text has been updated to incorporate UCP 600 and other revisions.
  • CDCS® Candidate Study Guide. Contains sample examination questions, study tips and key terms that will help you prepare for the examination.
  • CDCS® Practice Test. Prior to taking the exam, candidates will have the opportunity to take a practice exam online. This online practice exam is similar to the size and layout of the real exam.

Please note that all preparation materials are in English.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements to undertake the CDCS® examination. However, it is strongly recommended that candidates have a minimum of three years of documentary credit experience. Membership in BAFT, The London Institute of Banking & Finance, or any other organization is not required.

What Is the CDCS® Examination Format?

The CDCS® Exam is a three hour and fifteen minute online exam. The content of the CDCS® examination is based on the results of a job analysis study that identified key responsibilities of a documentary credit practitioner and areas of knowledge and skills required for competent practice. To earn the professional designation you are required to pass a three hour and fifteen minute examination that is designed to test your knowledge and its application to practical situations. The examination is based on an English study text. The examination consists of multiple choice knowledge and application questions as well as sample in-baskets and simulations that test for analysis skills.

Taking the CDCS® Exam

You may sit for the CDCS exam any time within 12 months of registering for the exam. At the earliest, you will be able to book from 4 May 2021 to sit for an exam from 5 July 2021.

Information on how to book your exam at a Pearson VUE centre can be found in the 'Important Registration Information' document on the home page of your MyLIBF account. This information may be accessed starting 4 May 2021, which is when your new course site becomes available.

Please keep an eye out for an email from LIBF, which will confirm that you are able to begin your studies and book your exam. Information on booking your eam may be found on the MyLIBF page and on this instructional video:

After the Exam

Exam results will be made available to candidates by LIBF within 24-48 hours of completing the exam.Certificates will be mailed to successful candidates 10 weeks after.