UW Global Bankers Program
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Growing Leaders in Global Banking

The financial services industry is in constant flux. Bankers must keep up with the innovations in technology, regulatory reform, and new business models amidst an increasingly global economy.

The Global Bankers Program equips future leaders to thrive through decision-making skills training, leadership development, and hands-on problem-solving of industry challenges. The University of Washington has offered this popular program since 1977, yet the original goals are still relevant today.

  • Enhance leadership and decision-making skills for a changing global economy.
  • Develop a network of business contacts and become part of an extensive GBP alumni community worldwide.
  • Gain a new understanding of industry-changing forces such as risk, globalization, and technology.
Curriculum Relevant to the Banking Industry Today

Our curriculum provides an integrated view of global banking principles and practices. Courses will equip participants with tools to better understand the financial services industry, international markets, risk management, strategy, and leadership. Faculty will bring their teachings to life by applying the topics to current issues in a comprehensive program that is timely, relevant, and with lasting impact. Core classes include:

  • Communication Styles and Impact: Gain a better understanding of your personal communication style and the styles of others. Learn to adapt your approach to maximize effective communication with your customers and stakeholders.
  • Negotiation Skills: Become a more effective communicator and decision-maker through techniques for building and maintaining relationships, learning to apply appropriate influence, structuring agreements, and developing buy-in.
  • Technology Innovation: Sessions will focus on how to be more innovative and entrepreneurial in thinking about your customers and products. Consider ways to develop new technologies and services to better meet customer needs.
  • International Financial Markets: This module will address key issues on international finance and provide discussion on related developments such as post-GFC regulation, the Euro Zone and Brexit, or the emergence of China as a financial center.
  • Emerging and Disruptive Technology: The focus of this session will be technology disruption and what it means to compete in a world where technology is fundamentally transforming many technologies.
  • Effective Leadership: Focus the critical leadership attributes, qualities, skills, and competencies needed to create and sustain organizational success. This course will explore the dynamic leadership issues facing today's financial institutions.
  • Leading Organizational Change: Gain tools for diagnosing your work unit's current operational state, envision how to improve performance, and develop a plan to bring about the desired change.
  • Industry Practices, Products, and Prospects: Learn from executives in the banking and financial industry on topics such as industry ethics, cybersecurity, and global economic change.
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Program Dates
  • August 8 – 20, 2021

Please see the program website for details regarding the recommended hotel.

Participation Criteria

Please review the following criteria and discuss with your sponsor. Consider how much you will benefit from the program as well as how much you can contribute.

  • Type and number of years of experience: Participants should have experience that has prepared them to derive full benefit from the curriculum. At the same time, they must bring with them experience that enables them to contribute to the learning of the other participants.
  • English language ability: Although TOEFL scores are not required, English language proficiency is expected. All classes and written materials will be presented in English. Participants are expected to participate actively in classroom discussions and study group sessions, as well as give presentations in English.
Expand Your Global Banking Networks

Hosted for one week in Seattle at the University of Washington followed by a week in San Francisco, courses are taught by UW Foster School of Business faculty, recognized internationally, for their teaching experience and research. Classroom time is complemented by hands-on modules and presentations by industry leaders as well as a visit to the Federal Reserve Bank.

Who Attends?

This program is designed for mid and upper-level managers with 10-15 years of experience in the financial sector. Participants come from diverse geographies as well as diverse areas within banking and finance, from compliance and HR to lending and trade roles.

Benefits for Organizations
  • Be a part of the growing network of global banking institutions that support the program.
  • Develop select employees and show them that you care about their career growth.
  • Retain key employees and prepare for succession planning.
Benefits for Individuals
  • Grow your leadership skills to ensure career growth.
  • Improve your negotiation skills and your ability to influence others.
  • Gain global, regional, and multi-cultural perspectives.
Deadlines and Payment

May 1, 2021: Early application deadline (10% discount)

July 1, 2021: Final application deadline

Obtaining a U.S. visa can be a lengthy process. To encourage early registration, participants are encouraged to apply early.

  • Early-Bird Tuition – $6,525 USD (apply by May 1)
  • Regular Tuition – $7,250 USD (apply by July 1)
BAFT Members: A 15% additional discount is eligible to first time, first year participating BAFT member organizations.
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