Global Trade Certificate (GTC)

The Global Trade Certificate (GTC) is a front and middle office focused certification, providing solid knowledge on trade finance products. It is an ideal programme for professionals wanting to build an understanding of the nuts and bolts of global trade finance. The GTC is an introductory-level programme aimed at transactional and relationship managers—as well as executives from management, credit, legal and compliance functions.

About the qualification

Today, the world of international trade is far more complex than it used to be. Whether you run a business in a familiar environment, perhaps even one that is economically and politically secure and stable, it remains risky and unpredictable.

The complexities and challenges you will face grow significantly when you begin conducting trade across international borders. As the risks escalate, the payment and financing solutions and mechanisms need to be more secure, robust, and flexible.

The Global Trade Certificate (GTC) is an introductory-level certification designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of trade finance products – from letters of credit through to supply chain financing techniques. It’s an ideal programme for professionals wanting to build an understanding of the nuts and bolts of global trade.

Certificate Structure
  • 14 Courses
  • 45 Hours
  • 70 Lessons
  • 7 Case Studies
  • 150 Videos
  • 60 Minute Exam

Comprising 6 core e-courses and 3 electives, the industry-validated syllabus was developed by a group of leading trade finance experts drawn from ICC’s Banking Commission. Each e-course has been tailor-made to develop the skills needed to sell, deliver and process global trade finance solutions.

  • Introduction to Trade Finance
  • Introduction to Collections
  • Introduction to Distributor Finance
  • Introduction to Documentary Credits
  • Introduction to Guarantees
  • Introduction to Receivables Finance
  • Introduction to Capital and Pricing
  • Introduction to Compliance
  • Introduction to Cross-Border Trade
  • Introduction to Fraud and Reputational Risk
  • Introduction to Risk Distribution
  • Introduction to Standby Letters of Credit
  • Introduction to Supply Chain Finance
  • Introduction to Trade Finance Sales
60 Minute Exam
  • Live proctored via the internet
  • The passing grade is 70% minimum. Upon passing the examination, learners will be issued an accredited certificate for the programme
  • You can then use the "GTC" designation
This includes access to all 6 core e-courses and 8 electives, in addition to a onetime attempt at the assessment examination.
  • Full Certification – US$1,099
Each GTC e-course can also be purchased individually.
  • Individual Certification – US$150

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