Join Committee(s) Application Form

Please find below the form to request addition to BAFT committees. A member of BAFT staff will review each submission and appropriately handle addition to the requested committees. Only BAFT members may join committees

The majority of committees are open to all BAFT members, but some committees listed below may have requirements in order for an individual to join. These are laid out in either the governance document of the committee or are based on the focus of the committee.

Finally, it should be noted that all BAFT members are free to submit Ask the Expert Questions to any committee listed below for consideration.

Fill in your details below and check the committees that you are interested in joining.

Open Committees

All Committees listed below are open to BAFT members. Please note that a * below indicates that the committee is ad-hoc and will meet as needed. Additional information about these committees can be found on the Committees Page of the website.

Trade Product Committees

Trade Operations Committees

Payments Committees

By Approval Committees

Committees listed below are by approval and may have specific requirements for individuals applying to them.

The governance documents below outline requirements for the trade operations committees:
Commercial Letters of Credit Governance
Standby LC/Guarantee Governance

The following committees have specific requirements based on the subject matter of the committee:

Innovation Council - Individual should be the innovation leader within their organization 

Global Regulatory Affairs & Public Policy
- Individual should be focused on government relations for a global organization

Legal Advisory Group - Individual must be engaged in legal activity for his/her institution

Solutions Provider - Institution must be a Solutions Provider

Trade Operations

Other Committees