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Financial Crime Compliance - Shanghai
March 22, 2018

Deloitte Headquarters
30/F Bund Center
222 Yan An Road East
200002, Shanghai


Chris Cheung, Crop Version with Face

Chris Cheung | 张丰裕
Partner | 合伙人
Deloitte Forensic, China/Hong Kong | 财务咨询,德勤中国

Mr. Chris Cheung is a Partner at Deloitte Forensic in China/Hong Kong specializing in
Financial Crime Compliance, AML and Forensic Analytics. Over the last 17 years, he
has been involved in a wide range of projects such as AML risk rating model, risk
assessments, sanctions look back projects in HK, Macau and China and other
regulatory projects throughout Asia, Europe and the US. He is also a frequent speaker
to professional and regulatory bodies.

Mr. Cheung has led efforts in assisting key government agencies on their AML/CFT
Risk Assessments, performed independent assess-ments under S21 of AMLO,
established AML/CTF controls including the policy, procedures, transaction and
sanction monitoring, periodic and on-going monitoring procedures, STR reporting as
well as compliance and internal auditor procedures etc.

张先生是德勤中国的洗钱防制及制裁服务的主要专家, 拥有在金融犯


Jiang Li | 黎江
Chief Technology Officer | 首席技术官
Microsoft China | 微软中国

Mr. Li is CTO for Microsoft China, responsible to build overall technology strategy and
innovative digital capabilities and ecosystem, to support customers in leading the way
of digital transformation and cloud adoption. He has reputation in the area of cloud
computing, big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence, data centre and industry
planning, IT strategy and outsourcing, and etc.

Mr. Li is a high profile business executive with 33 years extensive experience in
multinational companies in China, Australia and the US, and Chinese leading technology
companies. He serves as advisor for Chinese governments, was the Co-founder and
CEO of the West Cloud Valley, and Senior Vice President of the Centrin Data Systems.
Prior to joining Microsoft China, he was CEO of 21Vianet Innovation Lab.



Stacey Factor, Crop Version
Stacey Facter
Senior Vice President, Trade Products | 贸易产品高级副总裁
BAFT | 银行家金融及贸易协会

Ms. Stacey Facter is a Senior Vice President, Trade Products where she has oversight
of all trade-related advocacy, education and product-related initiatives for the
association and its membership. She participates in BAFT trade committees and
regional councils to advance the trade finance agenda of member institutions, including
working toward standardizing trade definitions, documentation and regulations for
industry adoption and consistent use. Ms. Facter has more than 25 years of experience
in international banking, including over 20 years with JP Morgan Chase, covering
emerging markets, international trade finance, cash and risk management, and
securities collateral management.

Stacey Facter女士是银行家金融及贸易协会(“BAFT”)的贸易产品高级
副总裁,负责协会有关贸易和相關产品的倡导和教育。 她参与BAFT贸
致力规范行业对贸易的定义、文件和法规。 Facter女士在国际银行业

Doug Sibley | 松俊江

Global Head of Customer Conduct Compliance and Deputy Anti-Money Laundering
Reporting Officer | 全球客户尽职调查主管兼反洗钱风险报告副主任
Regulatory Controls | 法规内控部门
BMO Capital Markets | BMO资本市场

Mr. Doug Sibley heads up BMO Capital Markets’ Global Customer Conduct Compliance
teams located in Europe, North America, and Asia. The Customer Conduct Compliance
teams perform Know Your Client due diligence reviews and clear conflicts of interest
functions for Capital Markets globally. Mr. Sibley also acts as the Deputy to the Capital
Markets AML Reporting Officer, who is accountable globally for the first line of defense
AML program. He is based in Chicago, USA, and is part of the Capital Markets
Regulatory Controls leadership team.


Radish Singh, Crop Version
Radish Singh
Partner, Deloitte Forensic, Financial Crime Compliance | 合伙人,财务咨询,金
Deloitte | 德勤

Ms. Radish Singh has 20+ years of experience in the field of financial services
regulations, compliance, anti-bribery and corruption, conduct of business and financial
crime (AML/ Sanctions). She currently leads Deloitte’s South East Asia Financial Crime
Compliance practice. Her clientele incudes major global and local Banks in Singapore.
Broadly, her experience includes regulatory, business conduct policy formulation,
legislative drafting, anti-money laundering, outsourcing, implementing anti-brib-ery and
corruption policy, advising on data protection matters, establishing corporate
governance codes, stock exchange supervision / rules and securities laws. Ms. Singh
has been actively presenting on global regulatory reform as a result of the G20
initiatives to major banks and institutions in Singapore as well as in various public
forums. In prior roles, she led an engagement with the Association of Banks in
Singapore to revise and modernize their AML guidelines for the banking industry in
Singapore. She has advised the Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore on revising
their compliance and AML industry standards modules. She has also in her experience
drafted corporate governance and code of ethics codes along with Board charters.

Radish Singh女士拥有超过20年在金融服务条例、 合规、反贿赂和腐
败、商业和金融犯罪的行为(反洗钱/ 制裁)。她目前领导德勤的东南