What software or platform is this being hosted on?

The 2021 Global Payments Conference will be accessible on the BAFT Events app via desktop, mobile or tablet. You will need to download the BAFT Events app ahead of time either at the Google Play or Apple Store. The app is also accessible on desktop at event.crowdcompass.com/vgpc. The platform will be available prior to the event start date and open until the end of March. You will receive a personalized link from BAFT reminding you to download the app and sign in to the platform.

The livestream sessions will be broadcast via Zoom. You need to download Zoom to your device, if you don't have it installed. Day of the virtual event, make sure you are signed in to BAFT Events and Zoom for a seamless event experience.

Why do I need the BAFT Events app?

The BAFT Events app is your gateway to the virtual event. You can access the event via your mobile phone, tablet or on the web. With BAFT Events, you can:

  • Join the live sessions, ask questions, participate in polls
  • See a list of attendees, speakers and their shared information
  • Send messages and connect with attendees and speakers before, during and after the event
  • Access the program and schedule sessions you plan to attend
  • Take notes on sessions and email them to yourself after the session
  • Access any speaker handouts, session and or sponsor flyers
  • Connect with sponsors, solution providers and exhibitors

Do I need to download anything?

It depends.

If you plan to use your mobile device or tablet, you will need to download the BAFT Events app either via Google Play or the Apple Store ahead of time. The app will be available prior to the event. You will receive a personalized link from BAFT reminding you to download the event app.

If you are planning to join the virtual event via your laptop or desktop computer, you simply need to use the online link sent to you as part of your account confirmation.

How will I login in during the event?

To join the virtual event, simply log in to BAFT Events app from your mobile device or tablet, or go online if using a laptop or desktop computer. Make sure to type the email address you used to register for the event. You can then proceed to My Schedule, choose the session and click on 'Join Live Webcast' to join the session.

Will you email me information about logging in and who can help me if I have issues?

Yes, BAFT will send an email to download the BAFT Events app. A reminder will be sent closer to the event dates if you have not downloaded and set up your account yet. You can always contact events@baft.org if you have issues downloading or logging in to BAFT Events.

What if I cannot attend the sessions live? Am I able to watch later?

All sessions will be recorded and available on-demand to all registered attendees via the app and on secured pages on the BAFT website. An email will be sent to all attendees once these recordings are available. 

What if my institution or company doesn't allow me to access the platform?

Please test ahead of time to ensure you can join the virtual event. The BAFT Events app works best with Internet Explorer (IE) 11, as well as the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. If using a mobile device, IOS 11 or higher and Andriod 7.0 or higher work best.

The webcast for each session is via Zoom. If your device does not have Zoom installed, please make sure you download and sign in to Zoom prior to the virtual event.

To test, sign in to your BAFT Event account then select a session under Agenda or My Schedule and click on the Join Webinar link. BAFT Events works in several devices – computers, tablets and mobile phone. If one device doesn’t work, we suggest you test other devices ahead of time to make sure you can access the sessions.

Will I be able to ask questions?

Yes, you can certainly ask questions via a Q&A dialog box during each session. During Ask the Expert sessions, you can type your questions via the chat functionality or verbally ask the questions to the speakers.

Will I be able to speak with the other attendees? Will other attendees be able to see me?

You can connect with attendees before, during and after the event. Simply click the Attendees icon, and you can search, message, exchange contact details and even arrange meeting times with fellow attendees. You can also see and speak with other speaker and attendees during the Ask the Expert sessions.

Will you go back to in person events? Or still hold the virtual training?

For the safety of our members, speakers and attendees, we are currently only offering virtual events. As the situation improves, we will re-evaluate the best medium – in-person or virtual, to offer these workshops and other events going forward. Please check baft.org/events for the latest updates on our conference and event offerings.