March 2, 2021
09:00 EST / 14:00 GMT / 15:00 CET / 18:00 GST
Welcome Day 1
09:05 EST / 14:05 GMT / 15:05 CET / 18:05 GST
Customer Experience Redefined
This session will provide insight on how e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce combined with the adoption of digital are driving changes in consumer and business behavior. And how this is being enabled through an (r)evolution in payments.
  • Philip Bowkley
  • Managing Director & Global Head of Financial Institutions Group, International Corporate Banking
  • Barclays
  • Speaker
  • Ellen Moeller
  • Head of EMEA Partnerships
  • Stripe
  • 09:30 EST / 14:30 GMT / 15:30 CET / 18:30 GST
    What's Driving the Changes in Payments
    Driven by the realities of the continued roll-out of real-time payments globally, a continuous 7x24x365 day, ISO 20022, growing regulation, cloud adoption, and the cultural changes brought about by COVID-19 payment processing is changing as never before. Our panel will explore the continued and longer-term impacts and implications of these new initiatives and provide their insights into the unrelenting pace of change in payments.
  • Barry Tooker
  • Chief Product Officer & Global Head of Product Management
  • iSoftware4Banks
  • Panelists
  • Gareth Lodge
  • Senior Analyst, Global Payments
  • Celent 
  • 10:10 EST / 15:10 GMT / 16:10 CET / 19:10 GST
    Break Out the Oars: Water, Water Everywhere, Nor Any Drop to Drink
    At the very foundation, bankers do one thing: borrow from someone and lend to someone else. But what happens when the borrowing part gets harder, when governments encourage buying by charging a fee for leaving funds idle in a bank account? Like the mariner from the poem, both banks and their clients are becalmed in still economic seas. What can be done with surplus liquidity in such an environment? How can you manage when liquidity is dear? This session will explore the challenges and opportunities of zero or negative interest rates from views of both provider and practitioner.
  • Stephen Wojciechowicz
  • Senior Principal, Product Management, Treasury Services
  • BNY Mellon
  • Speakers
  • Karen Braithwaite
  • Managing Director & Global Head, Transaction Banking
  • Barclays
  • Ashley Dowson
  • Founder & Chairman
  • 10:45 EST / 15:45 GMT / 16:45 CET / 19:45 GST
    10:50 EST / 15:50 GMT / 16:50 CET / 19:50 GST
    The Tech Talent Crunch
    As technology changes and bank models migrate in leaps and bounds towards digital platforms, how does your work force keep pace? Gain insights from an industry recruiter on finding and keeping the right talent your bank needs to meet current and future demands.
  • Steve Kenneally
  • Senior Vice President, Payments
  • American Bankers Association
  • Speaker
  • Matt Baden
  • Regional Director, North America
  • TDA Creative
  • 11:15 EST / 16:15 GMT / 17:15 CET / 20:15 GST
    Real-Time Payments
    Finally, real-time payments is becoming a reality. With real-time payments being deployed in other parts of the world and rolling into North America, what are the lessons learned and best practices that can be implemented in North America? How does it help corporate in terms of liquidity management? Will it finally allow banks to compete with fintechs ?
  • Rajiv Desai
  • Senior Vice President, North American Operations and Sales
  • Pelican
  • Panelists
  • Cyrus Bhathawalla
  • Managing Director & Global Head, Real Time Payments
  • J.P. Morgan
  • Jim Reuter
  • CEO & President
  • FirstBank
  • 11:55 EST / 16:55 GMT / 17:55 CET / 20:55 GST
    Wrap Up Day 1
    12:00 EST / 17:00 GMT / 18:00 CET / 21:00 GST
    Ask the Expert Forum: Cannabis Banking and Payments
    Cannabis is legal for recreational and/or medicinal use in 33 states and in many countries globally; however, the lack of uniform laws and regulations leaves many cannabis businesses outside of the banking mainstream. Our panel will provide their insights, answer your questions and help to demystify the current state of cannabis-related payments.
  • Barry Tooker
  • Chief Product Officer & Global Head of Product Management
  • iSoftware4Banks
  • Speakers
  • Beth Horowitz Steel
  • Partner
  • Glenbrook Partners
  • Brian Murphy
  • Vice President & Policy Director, Card Policy Council
  • American Bankers Association
  • March 3, 2021
    6:15 EST / 11:15 GMT / 12:15 CET / 15:15 GST
    Ask the Expert Forum: A Focus on Payments in Asia/MENA
    A unique session to meet global payments executives from leading banks in Asia and the MENA regions. This is an informal open forum – there are no agendas or pre-set presentation. This is your opportunity to ask these distinguished banking executives questions on payments, the economy, career and other questions on your mind.
  • Samantha Pelosi
  • Senior Vice President, Payments and Innovation
  • BAFT
  • Speakers
  • Anand Sampath
  • Executive Director & Head, Payables & Receivables, Global Cash Product Management, GTB
  • First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)
  • Saravana Govindarajulu
  • Executive Director
  • First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)
  • Kuresh Sarjan
  • Managing Director & Head of Financial Institutions Group, Global Liquidity and Cash Management (GLCM) for Asia Pacific
  • HSBC
  • 07:00 EST / 12:00 GMT / 13:00 CET / 16:00 GST
    Welcome Day 2
    07:05 EST / 12:05 GMT / 13:05 CET / 16:05 GST
    Gleaming the Cube – Embracing Change to Improve Financial Markets
    Like the 1980’s movie of the same name, authorities across Africa, the Middle East and Asia have thrust banking outside the box and are polishing it with new adaptive regulation. In addition to absorbing new entrants to the financial industry, such as issuing licenses and allowing non-banks direct access to clearing networks, governments are collaborating to integrate payment networks across jurisdictions, creating efficient, fast regional frameworks. Join us to learn what’s happening and what’s next from key innovative supervisors, such as the Arab Monetary Authority.
  • Joanne Strobel
  • Managing Director & Head of Technical Solutions & Network Management, Global Payments Services
  • Wells Fargo
  • Panelist
  • Mehdi Manaa
  • CEO
  • BUNA - Arab Regional Payment System
  • 07:30 EST / 12:30 GMT / 13:30 CET / 16:30 GST
    Fintech Bank Collaboration
  • Carl Slabicki, CTP, AAP
  • Strategic Payment Solutions, Product Management
  • BNY Mellon Treasury Services
  • Anoop Basavarajaiah
  • Director, Payments, Americas
  • Volante Technologies
  • 07:55 EST / 12:55 GMT / 13:55 CET / 16:55 GST
    08:05 EST / 13:05 GMT / 14:05 CET / 17:205 GST
    Global Roadtrip: Enhancing Cross-Border Payments.
    In October 2020, the FSB and CPMI issued a roadmap for the enhancement of cross-border payments. Hear directly from those plotting the course of this global roadtrip on collaboration with the private sector, harmonization of regulations and data standards, and infrastructure development.
  • Samantha Pelosi
  • Senior Vice President, Payments and Innovation
  • BAFT
  • Panelist
  • John Jackson
  • Policy Lead, Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)
  • Bank of England
  • Harish Natarajan
  • Lead, Payments Systems Development Group
  • The World Bank
  • 08:45 EST / 13:45 GMT / 14:45 CET / 17:45 GST
    Central Bank Digital Currencies – Reality or Pipedream
    Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) have garnered a tremendous amount of interest with projects from central banks experimenting within their domestic markets to industry collaboration to advocate interoperability. What are the use-cases for CBDC's? How will they be implemented, distributed and transferred? Are there alternatives or can our existing infrastructure be adapted to cater for the use-cases? This panel will explore the relevance of a CBDC.
  • Ken Wong
  • Head, Global Transaction Banking Product Strategy and Innovation
  • TD Bank
  • Panelists
  • Gayathri Vasudev
  • Product Executive, Wholesale Payments, JP Morgan
  • JP Morgan
  • Scott Hendry
  • Senior Special Director, Financial Technology (FinTech) 
  • Bank of Canada
  • Daniel Eidan
  • Global Solution Architect, Payments and CBDC
  • R3
  • 09:25 EST / 14:25 GMT / 15:25 CET / 18:45 GST
    Wrap Up Day 2
    09:30 EST / 14:30 GMT / 15:30 CET / 18:30 GST
    Demystifying Cross-Border Money Movement
    The events of the past year have exposed opportunities and challenges associated with lack of global B2B payments innovation. Now more than ever, we need to expose the mysteries of money movement hurting businesses and global economies. Companies need finance to be available in a way that works for them in any country and currency, in an office environment or at home, without the process being held up by the historical constraints of national boundaries or paper-based processes. And they need partners to help drive change and make this a smooth, seamless evolution for everyone. The industry must come together to modernize existing infrastructures and bring to market new, safe and transparent ways for businesses to move money. At the heart of this evolution is the technology that is disrupting the industry, striving to make B2B payments as effortless and simple as consumer payments are today. Join Visa and Santander for an interactive discussion on global money movement and gain top tips to help fuel global B2B money movement innovation.
  • Jane Hennessy
  • B2B Connect SalesSr. Director, New Payment Flows
  • Visa Business Solutions
  • Panelist
  • Alan Koenigsberg
  • Senior Vice President, Global Head of New Payment Flows
  • Visa Business Solutions
  • Stacy Rosenthal
  • Payments Strategy and Product Management
  • Santander
  • March 4, 2021
    09:00 EST / 14:00 GMT / 15:00 CET / 18:00 GST
    Welcome Day 3
    09:05 EST / 14:05 GMT / 15:05 CET / 18:05 GST
    The Best Defense is a Good Offense
    In the ever changing digital world of payments coupled with COVID 19, fraud attempts are becoming more frequent, pervasive and virulent. Cyber and fraud threats continue to remain top priorities for all participants across the payments ecosystem. Organizations are trying to stay one step ahead by continuing to update policies, attract/retain talent, implement additional safeguards, run simulations, and drive awareness/educate employees and clients. However, is this enough? Join this session to hear about current industry influences and how to stay on top of the game to combat Cyber and Fraud threats individually and as a community.
  • Andrew Davies
  • Vice President, Global Market Strategy, Financial Crime Risk Management
  • Fiserv
  • Dena Hamilton
  • Vice President, Fraud and Financial Crime Solutions
  • Featurespace
  • 09:30 EST / 14:30 GMT / 15:30 CET / 18:30 GST
    Market Infrastructure Update (Europe)
    Arguably one of the most dynamic payments markets in the world, Europe is juggling drastic infrastructure changes across all jurisdictions. Join this session to get an update on the latest efforts directly from the source.
  • Katherine Zaveri
  • Vice President, Global Payments
  • StoneX Group Inc.
  • Panelist
  • Hays Littlejohn
  • CEO
  • EBA Clearing
  • Matthew Loos
  • Strategy Head, Corporate Development and Market Intelligence
  • 10:10 EST / 15:10 GMT / 16:10 CET / 19:10 GST
    10:20 EST / 15:20 GMT / 16:20 CET / 19:20 GST
    Contingency Plans – Being Put to the 'Test' or In Action
    In March of last year, companies overnight had to put their business contingency plans in motion across people, process and platforms. Join this session to hear experiences from an Operations view, did the plan function as you envisioned (location approach, staffing models, technology, support)? Across the industry organizations resources and plans were tested, stretched to capacity, and the continued duration has required adjustments to the plan. The discussion that will cover strategy, practical plans in execution, lessons learned and changes made for the future.
  • Nell Campbell-Drake
  • Vice President
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
  • Panelist
  • Linda Mclaughlin-Moore
  • Managing Director & Head of Business Resiliency and Operating Efficiency
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Damian Kuczma
  • Former Head of Payment Operations Strategy and Transformation
  • Santander
  • 11:00 EST / 16:00 GMT / 17:00 CET / 20:00 GST
    Putting Contextual Banking in Context
    In the evolving collaboration between financial institutions, fintechs and big tech, contextual banking is becoming the best approach to maximize the outcome for banks. Contextual banking is an interaction that offers a personal banking experience where the customer is presented with services and capabilities in support of their immediate needs. This session will share an industry point of view and discuss practices in applying contextual banking to build relationships with SME and larger enterprise customers.
  • Hakan Eroglu
  • Global Open Banking Lead & MEA Innovation Consulting Lead
  • MasterCard
  • Kevin McKeever
  • Head of Payment Advisory, US Cash Management
  • HSBC
  • Michael Maxwell
  • Senior Director, Solutions
  • HCL
  • 11:40 EST / 16:40 GMT / 17:40 CET / 20:40 GST
    Market Infrastructure Update (North America)
    Market infrastructures have been busy with APIs, Open banking, and even re-imagining their businesses and models. And running their core products flawlessly in the middle of the COVID19 pandemic. Please join the Federal Reserve, NACHA, The Clearing House, and Payments Canada to see how these developments will impact your business and move the industry forward.
  • Stacy Rosenthal
  • Head of Payments, Strategy and Product Management
  • Santander
  • Panelists
  • Michael Herd
  • Senior Vice President, ACH Network Administration
  • Dan DeLuca
  • Senior Vice President & Head of Fedwire Funds Service & National Settlement Service (NSS)
  • Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • Richard Dzina
  • Executive Vice President, Financial Services Group
  • The Clearing House
  • Andrew McFarlane
  • Executive Director, Modernization
  • Payments Canada
  • 12:20 EST / 17:42 GMT / 18:20 CET / 21:20 GST
    Wrap Up Day 3