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  • Lunch and Learn

    Back by popular demand, we invite you to discuss hot topics in the industry with experts in the field in an informal setting during lunch. Each Lunch and Learn table will cover one industry topic of interest. The Lunch is open to all attendees but the Lunch and Learn seats are limited. All Lunch and Learn take place on Monday, May 7 from 12:50 PM to 2:00 PM.

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    Monday, May 7

    Special Interest Workshops

    Join subject-matter experts during these special interest workshops covering topics affecting the industry today. Workshops are smaller in size for an interactive dialogue between the speakers and attendees.

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    Monday, May 7

    Tuesday, May 8

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    Lunch and Learn

    Monday, May 7
    12:50 PM - 2:00 PM

    Lunch and Learn Table 1

    Payment Fraud Detection and Prevention; What Banks and Financial Institutions Need to Know

    Learn about how high value payments networks have been compromised in order to effect fraud across wire rooms and correspondent banking operations, then take a deep dive into how artificial intelligence including natural language processing and machine learning techniques can address this clear and present risk.

    Hosted by Pelican

    Lunch and Learn Table 2

    Guarantees / SBLCs Blockchain: Moving from POC to Commercialisation

    A shared ledger, which could be relied on as the single source of truth for the existence and status of a bank guarantee, could resolve physical documentation management challenges, tracking and reporting issues, while acting as a catalyst for standardisation. In an ecosystem where three parties (i.e. the importer, the bank, and the exporter) participate in the creation,management and expiry of a common instrument, a blockchain solution could provide the optimal medium for facilitating the necessary flow of information, while balancing the competing needs of transparency and confidentiality.

    Hosted by ANZ

    Lunch and Learn Table 3
    In Search of Efficiency: How Intelligent Process Automation Will Transform Trade Banks

    In a drive to maximize efficiency within trade banks, the industry has begun embracing elements of intelligent process automation, including artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, machine learning, and natural language processing. Banks and FinTechs are combining these new technologies in innovative ways, creating new services from chatbots to intelligent data capture platforms. These innovations are also being leveraged for “RegTech” solutions, like the automation of red flags during a transaction and reduction of false positives using artificial intelligence. How is your bank taking advantage of these burgeoning technologies and what impact do you think they will have on the trade finance landscape?

    Hosted by CGI

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    Special Interest Workshops
    Monday, May 7

    2:00PM – 2:50PM
    Untapped Revenue Potential in Global Payments

    An educational discussion on how regional banks can access untapped revenue sources via global payments using technology and information. In addition, learn some techniques to help you become a payments expert in your region and compete for business with the “big boys.” These techniques will help you to stay relevant and grow your relationships with clients. Finally, we will discuss big-picture trends and new developments in global payments.

                   Byard P. Bridge, Jr.
                   SVP, Global Payment Sales

                   Sue-Ellen Speight
                   SVP, Global Payment Sales

                   Katherine Mueller 
                   VP, Global Payment Sales

    Hosted by INTL FCStone

    Payments in Seconds: Enabling the Internet of Value

    This session will feature a live interactive demo followed by an open Q&A.

                   Priya Pandit
                   Director of Client Service

                   Jinal Surti
                   Director of Product Marketing

    Hosted by Ripple

    4:00PM – 4:50PM
    University of Washington’s Global Bankers Program (UW-GBP)

    Learn how this two-week academically rigorous and highly topical program in Seattle and San Francisco can provide relevant development opportunities for high potential bankers from around the globe.

               Jean Choy
               Associate Dean of Executive Education and International Initiatives

    Hosted by UW Foster School of Business

    Tuesday, May 8

    2:00PM – 2:50PM
    Intelligent Trade Data Digitization, and Effective Trade Based Money Laundering Prevention using AI & NLP

    Workshop will cover practical use cases of digitization of trade documents to undertake intelligent data matching between the different instruments, then progressing on to applying global Red Flag indicator checks for Trade Based Money Laundering (TBML) on the digitized data. Speakers will discuss the role of technological advancements such as artificial intelligence, machine and self-learning, and robotics to increase data quality, along with document digitization capability by combining natural language processing with optical character recognition tools. The session will look specifically at intelligent TBML checks such as dual used goods, vessel tracking, invoice and trade document matching, embargo country checks and more.

                Rajiv Desai
                SVP Head of US Operations and Sales

    Hosted by Pelican


    Driving Innovation in Corporate Payments with Open Banking and Real-time Payments

    Today’s competitive landscape is changing at a rapid pace, causing banks to rethink their business models to meet customer demand for instantaneous, digitally connected payment services. Innovations in APIs and the launch of real-time payments are transforming person-to-person payments. But how can banks capitalize on these innovations to deliver connected banking services to their corporate clients as well? Participate in a discussion with industry expert Daniel Bendersky on how banks can seize the opportunity to modernize their corporate banking infrastructure, and experience first-hand a demonstration of these capabilities.

                Daniel Bendersky
                Head of Transaction Banking Presales

    Hosted by Finastra

    How FinTechs and Banks are Working Together to Help Global Treasury Teams Manage Cross Border Payments

    In an ever changing global landscape, Flywire is working alongside partner banks such as Commerce Bank to help global treasury teams manage and grow their international customer base. Please join us as to learn how collaboration between FinTechs, banks, and corporate treasury teams is more important than ever.

    Hosted by Flywire