Master Trade Loan Agreement

Overview - BAFT Master Trade Loan Agreement

Trade loans are a key source of liquidity for Global Financial Institutions to provide financing for their clients’ import and export trading activities. In the past, terminology, loan structures and supporting documentation varied across banks and geographies. Standardization and consistency of trade loan documentation helps improve the industry dialogue between borrowers, lenders, investors and regulators. The BAFT Trade Finance Documentation Working Group developed the BAFT MTLA, a bank to bank master trade loan agreement under English law and New York law, with the assistance of outside counsel to provide clear, concise and consistent language for usage by the industry. Encouraging adoption of a master standardized document improves protection, simplifies the process and efficiency of borrowing and lending globally. BAFT is assisting its membership by posting and updating regularly a list of the countries in which master bank to bank trade loans have been signed to encourage industry transparency between borrowers and lenders globally.

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Press Releases

Past and Present Press Releases can be found below:

Press Release 5/8/2014 - BAFT Releases Master Loan Agreement for Bank-to-Bank Trade Loans
Press Release 8/27/2014 - BAFT Releases New York Master Trade Loan Agreement


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Master Trade Loan Agreement

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September 16, 2014

Stacey Facter - BAFT
Alain Verschueren - BNP Paribas
Ruediger Geis - Commerzbank
Henry Pfeiffer - JPMorgan
Michael Avidon - Moses & Singer
Robert Gross - Berwin Leighton Paisner