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BAFT Re-elects Zion’s Mark Garfield to Lead Board of Directors

by Blair Bernstein | May 04, 2020
BAFT would like to congratulate its board officers on their re-election to the 2020-2021 association year and also welcome new directors Maurice Iskandar, Banque Libano-Française; Robert Mancini, Finastra; Nick Smit, ING; Robert Hostler, JPMorgan; and Michael Vrontamitis, Standard Chartered Bank.

WASHINGTON — BAFT, an international financial services association, announced today Mark Garfield of Zions Bancorporation will serve a second term as the chair of its board of directors for the 2020-2021 association year.  

Garfield is the head of global financial institutions at Zions and a long serving member of the BAFT board. He has over 30 years of banking experience, with more than 25 years covering trade finance, foreign exchange and correspondent banking. Garfield has served on the DEC National Advisory Board, Board of the World Trade Center (Utah), and as Chair of the Utah District Export Council.

"I look forward to continuing to serve as the board chair for BAFT,” said Garfield. “In a time of unusual crisis, BAFT continues to support its members by providing thought leadership, best practices, and serving as a global advocate for the transaction banking industry.”

BAFT board officers include:

  • Vice Chair: Raffaele Martino, Intesa Sanpaolo
  • Secretary / Treasurer: Stephanie Wolf, Bank of America

Other directors include:

  • Maram Al-Jazireh, Arab Bank
  • Tod Burwell (CEO), BAFT
  • Maurice Iskandar, Banque Libano-Française
  • Patrick Gmür, Credit Suisse
  • Miriam Ratkovicova, Deloitte
  • Ulf-Peter Noetzel, Deutsche Bank
  • Robert Mancini, Finastra
  • Amy Sahm, Fulton Financial Corporation
  • Patricia Gomes, HSBC
  • Nick Smit, ING
  • Robert Hostler, JPMorgan
  • Steve Lotito, MUFG
  • Mark Borton, National Australia Bank
  • Jonathan Elkins, National Bank of Canada
  • Kimberly Burdette, PNC
  • Bart Timmermans, Santander UK
  • Michael Vrontamitis, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Tarik Muzaffar, TD Bank
  • Christian Stolcke, UBS
  • F. H. Ahlborn, US Bank
  • Kai Fehr, Wells Fargo

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