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New Member/User Tutorial

Step-By-Step Guide

Learn about BAFT Committees

  1. Under the Committees and Councils tab, select "Committees"
  2. Review the detailed list of BAFT committees that are available for members to participate in

Join a BAFT Committee

  1. Click on “Committees” under Committees and Councils
  2. Use the “Join Committee” button
  3. Fill in the application form for the committee you are interested in and click “Submit”
  4. A member of the BAFT team will be in touch with you shortly regarding your application
  5. Please note that some committees require additional subject matter expertise or a specific functional role within your institution

Access Your Committees

  1. Under Committees and Councils Tab, go to the “My Committees” page
  2. Click on your committee

Find BAFT Papers and Agreements

  1. Under the policy tab, click the “library of documents”
  2. You must be logged in to view all of the available documents
  3. Some documents may be linked to the product store*

*Members and non-members can purchase and download items from the product store. Note that you must be logged in to complete purchases.

Member Registration on the BAFT Website

  1. After arriving click on the white register now button in the upper right hand corner
  2. Fill in your information, please be sure to use your member organization email address as your User ID
  3. Click Submit and you will be logged into the system
  4. If you run into any problems, contact

Note: BAFT membership is institutional in nature. If you work for a financial institution or supplier that is a member of BAFT, you are able to receive member benefits. Registering for the BAFT website:

  • Puts you in the BAFT database
  • Allows you to update your records with BAFT
  • Gives you access to members only content (Membership Directory, Thought Leadership documents, Comment Letters, Committees and Councils, Past Webinars, Past Presentations, Newsletter access)
  • Allows you to purchase products and register for conferences online

Registering for the BAFT Newsletter

  1. Go to the BAFT homepage
  2. Click on “sign up here” under the member updates
  3. Fill in your information and click “sign up”
  4. If you don’t receive your member/global update by the end of the month, contact
  5. SEE ALSO: Changing My Personal Details for an alternative way to update your newsletter preferences

Using the BAFT Directory

The BAFT Directory houses individual listings of all BAFT members in the database who have opted to have their information listed for other BAFT members.

  1. Under the "Membership" tab, select Member Directory
  2. Ensure that you are logged in with your member account
  3. You have the option of selecting either individual (IE person) or corporate (IE company)

Using the Search Function

  1. Make your selection of corporate or person
  2. Click the “Search…” button
  3. Type in your preferred search method
  4. Browse to the individual/company you were looking for

Access My User Account and Make Changes

  1. Click on “My Account” above your logged in user ID
  2. Under the “Account Options” select “Update User Profile”
  3. From the user profile page, you can change your contact details, business address, email, and contact preferences.
  4. Click submit to complete changes

Printing a Confirmation Order

  1. Click on “My Account” above your logged in user ID
  2. Under the “Account Options” select “Order History”
  3. Select the relevant order

Removing Myself from the Member Directory

  1. Go to “My Account
  2. Select User Profile
  3. Find the check box for the member directory
  4. Ensure this is unchecked
  5. Click submit

Access My Downloads

  1. Click on “My Account” above your logged in user ID
  2. Under the “Account Options” select “Downloads”
  3. OR select “My Downloads" from the upper right hand corner of the site”

Finding a BAFT Webinar

  1. On the BAFT homepage, you'll see a list of upcoming webinars - Members and non-members can click and register
  2. If you're interested in the schedule of webinars, click on "E-Learning" under the Education tab
  3. Navigate to the "Upcoming Webinars" area
  4. Click on the webinar you are interest in
  5. Once you arrive at the Web-Ex site, choose "Register"

Registering for a BAFT Conference/Workshop

  1. Select the conference/workshop you are interested in from the Homepage or from the Upcoming Events Page
  2. Ensure that you are logged in with your user account
  3. Click the large blue "Register" button
  4. Select your registration type and then click the green "Check Out" button
  5. Proceed through the registration process

Note: If you intend to pay via wire or check, please fill out the PDF form for the conference or workshop and email it to

View Upcoming BAFT Events

  1. On the BAFT homepage you'll see a list of immediate conferences and webinars
  2. To see additional upcoming events, click on the "View all Upcoming BAFT Events"
  3. OR, underneath the events tab, click "Upcoming Events"